Our Philosophy

Technology is having an outsized impact in our ever-changing world. As such, we believe the people leading these changes should be reflective of the people living in it. We share a moral imperative to identify and empower the audacious individuals creating businesses that are shaping our world into a more equitable, sustainable and inclusive one.

From what we eat, to how we buy (or don’t buy) and the ways in which we communicate with each other. Everything about the way we live has changed. These shifts have unanticipated and far reaching consequences on the very fabric of our society. We are living in a unique period of time where anything is possible and the next major shift in human behavior is just around the corner.

From the hills of Hollywood, the bungalows of Bengal and the illustrious renaissance of power and influence in China, we are there — Living and breathing on the edges of our changing world, alongside the people shaping it. We bear witness to change the moment it begins.

All of our decisions are made with the double bottom line in mind. We are uncompromising in our belief that what is good for the world is good for business.